Check Your Cars Towing Capacity

If you are towing a trailer or caravan it is really important that you take extra care as there are a lot of additional factors you need to take into account.

When towing a trailer you should always think “Safety first”!!

In general, car and van accidents that involve a trailer have far greater consequences than those where no trailer is involved. The main reason for this is the additional size and weight that the trailer adds to your vehicle along with the fact it is only attached by a very small point.

Making sure that the trailer you are planning on pulling is within the towing capacity of you car is extremely important. Whilst the 85% Rule is there as a guide, its important to know that the towing capacity and weight vary from car to car and between different models so please make sure you find the exact towing capacity for your car and that you double check this in your car’s handbook.

Tow Car Matching

Before you head out and buy a new tow car or caravan, it's really important that you find thre right match. Finding a "tow car match" means using a towing capacity calculator to check the car or vehicle you are using is a suitable match for your chosen caravan before to ensure the car and caravan combination is safe, legal, and comfortable to tow with. There are a wide range of Towcar Match tools available for free online and they are very quick and easy to use. They will help you find the best car for towing a caravan based on size and weight. To find these look for towcar match, what tow car or car tow match online and use one of the free tools to find your perfect match.

These tools dont just look at the maximum limit of a car. Their calculations are much more sophisticated and look at factors like the noseweight and demensions of the caravan as well as the weight ratio. When you are checking the weight of a caravan or trailer its important to use the actual weight of a fully loaded car and trailer not just the kerbweight but you can use a towing capacity chart as a guide. When you are towing the car's engine is under a lot more strain that normal and it is important that you check your engine oil and water level before you set off on a long journey to help prevent breakdowns and damage to the engine.

Most Popular Car Makes For Towing A Caravan or Trailer

How do I find out the towing capacity of my car?

The maximum towing capacity of a specific car will always be listed in the V5 logbook. However this is not always handy and not helpful if you are looking for the towing capacity of a car you dont own. We have made it really simple to help you find the towing capacity of your car. Just browse our site to find the make, model and trim of your car and we will provide you with the towing limit for it. Or if you know the licence plate, you can find the towing capacity using the registration number.. Whilst most diesel and petrol cars can tow, not all electric cars can tow, but some can. If you are considering buying an electric car check out the best electric tow cars.

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Disclaimer: Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the towing weights provided on this website are accurate, we always recommend checking the vehicle log book (V5) for the official towing capacity. We accept no responsibility if the towing weights provided on this website are incorrect.

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