The braked towing capacity of a vehicle is the maximum weight capacity of a trailer (actual weight of the trailer and it’s load combined) that the vehicle can tow if the trailer being tower has its own braking system.

The trailers independent braking system is normally connected to the car braking via the trailer cable.

The Braked towing capacity or braked towing weight limit is normally significantly higher than the unbraked towing capacity.

The braked towing capacity is the maximum weight of a caravan, trailer or horse trailer where the trailer has its own brakes. These are brakes fitted to the trailer as standard by the manufacturer. The reason the braked weight of a trailer can be higher than unbraked is because when stopping the trailer is able to provide some of the braking force itself.

Where you see a braked towing capacity listed, this is the maximum combined weight of the trailer plus its load that a vehicle will be able to legally tow.

Braked Towing Capacity

What is the difference between a braked and unbraked trailer?

A braked trailer is a trailer that is equipped with its own braking system, which allows it to stop independently of the tow vehicle. An unbraked trailer, on the other hand, does not have its own braking system and relies on the brakes of the tow vehicle to stop.

Braked trailers are typically larger and heavier than unbraked trailers, and are designed for use with vehicles that are capable of towing larger loads. Unbraked trailers are generally smaller and lighter, and are intended for use with smaller vehicles.

In many countries, there are specific laws and regulations regarding the towing of braked and unbraked trailers. For example, in some jurisdictions, you may need to obtain a special license or endorsement in order to tow a braked trailer, or you may be required to use a certain type of hitch or coupling. It's important to familiarize yourself with the laws and regulations in your area before towing a trailer.

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