Towing Weight Limits - How Much Can My Car Tow?

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What is meant by trailer load?

The permissible trailer load is specified as the weight that can be towed by a certain towing vehicle. This means that the value of the trailer load indicates how heavy a trailer can actually be. While a permissible total weight is important for a driver's license, when loading a trailer, the values ​​of the respective car for the trailer load are more relevant. A basic distinction is made between two types of information: the technically permissible trailer load of braked and unbraked trailers.

How can you calculate the maximum trailer load?

The permitted trailer load is the sum of the empty weight of the trailer plus the payload. However, the vertical load does not count towards the trailer load, as this presses on the trailer coupling from above and is therefore not pulled. To find out how much you are actually allowed to tow onto the car, you have to consider two important values: the permissible trailer load of the car and the permissible total weight of the trailer .

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