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These days there is more choice than ever when it comes to finding the right tow car match. With so many makes and models now producing petrol, diesel, hybrid and electric cars, it's not that simple to find the right car and caravan outfit. This is why using a towmatch service is becoming increasingly important.

To ensure you are safe and legal it is really important to make sure that the car and caravan outfit is well matched. There are hundreds of online website and magazines that you can trawl through and find towcar reviews and data but this is slow and time consuming.

Using this free car and caravan outfit matching tool will do that legwork for you. Using online programs which can predict and compare the pulling performances of your car hooked-up to your caravan. The programs are able to compute the top speeds on flat roads and on gradients. Hill starts are part of the information too. Even acceleration figures are predicted as well as the proper use of the highest gear. Also the effect of wind on your outfit is calculated. And they also include the changing weight ratios between van and car either.

How do I match my car to my caravan?

Before we look into tow match in detail, its important to consider what makes a good tow car? Is it low-rev torque, is it power? Is it sticking to the Towing Code 85% weight ratio advice? No, it's not just that. You need well chosen gear ratios too, you need knowledge of drag coefficients, and the correct interpretation of the car and caravan masses. Can you predict the suitability of your tow car outfit? Yes you can. In just a few clicks you can obtain a free online assesment of your chosen car and caravan outfit. Click below and simply select your car make, model and year then click "Match Now". On the next screen you will need to select the caravan from the list. You will select the make, model and year. If your caravan is not listed leave these options blank and the system will make the calculation with a caravan of the maximum recommended weight for your chosen towcar.

Tow Car Match
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For the payload of your car you must remember that the kerbweight does not include passengers, towbar, fuel and luggage.

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