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If you need to check what the towing capacity of a vehicle is you will be able to find the weight limits stamped on the VIN Plate (Also known as the Vehicle Identification Number Plate). This registration plate is the best place to find the towing capacity of that car. You will normally find the VIN plate around the door pillar or alongside the engine under the bonnet.

However sometimes you don't have access to the VIN plate so need to find the towing capacity using a car registration number (aka car reg number). To do this follow these three simple steps.

1) Search the registration number here to find the details of the car:

(if this tool doesn't load click here to get the details)

2) Make a note of the exact year, make, model variant and trim level of the car.

3) Use the main navigation menu at the top of this page to find the right car manufacturer and then search for the model and trim on the page.

How To Find The Towing Capacity On VIN Plate

Depending on the manufacturer the VIN plate will display 3 or 4 different weights.
The first weight (1305): This is the gross vehicle weight in KG. This is the MAM(the Maximum Allowable Mass) of the car meaning the total weight including people, luggage, fuel and anything else inside or on top of the car.

The second weight (2105) gives you the gross train weight in KG. This is the maximum weight of the car and its trailer combined. This gross train weight includes all luggage in the car and the load of the trailer.

The third and fourth wights (770) and (640): These two weights (labelled 1- and 2- in above photo) give the maximum weight for the front axle (1-) and rear axle (2-) in KG respectivley.

Remember all these weights are the absolute maximum weights and includes passengers, luggage / load, and fuel.

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