What Is A Tow Package?

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Put simply, a tow package ought to encompass all the gear and hardware needed to safely and reliably tow your chosen load. The specific components and extent of these packages can differ substantially.

Consider this: aftermarket tow packages, for instance, are typically geared towards giving you all the tools you need to upgrade your tow vehicle. In contrast, a factory-installed tow package may encompass not only the tow vehicle but also a complete setup, purpose-built and rigorously tested with towing as its primary focus.

The tow package you require hinges on your existing or prospective tow vehicle and the nature of the load you intend to haul. For lighter loads, such as using a bike rack or towing a jet ski on a lightweight trailer with your truck, a basic tow package, which could include just a receiver hitch and a few other components, might suffice. However, when you venture into heavy-duty towing territory, you might consider a comprehensive aftermarket kit, which often includes substantial receivers and weight distribution features.

The effectiveness of your entire towing system hinges on its weakest element. While you may invest in an aftermarket tow package equipped with Class V hitch hardware, its potential remains limited by your truck's maximum towing capacity, which, in this case, stands at 2,000 pounds.

In contrast, a factory-installed tow package offers a vehicle meticulously designed from the ground up for heavy-duty towing. Car manufacturers, when creating such vehicles, consider every facet and ensure that each component can comfortably handle the added strain of towing a trailer.

With a factory tow package, you can trust that every part – including the engine, frame, transmission, suspension, and cooling system – is more than capable of enduring heavy-duty towing demands for an extended period. Additionally, the included hitch platform in a factory tow package provides assurance from the manufacturer that every piece of equipment is perfectly harmonized to optimize the overall towing capability.

A tow package isn't merely an assortment of individual parts; ideally, each component should be thoughtfully selected to enhance the towing capacity of the entire setup.

What's Included In A Tow Package?

Depending on your specific requirements and the kinds of loads you intend to tow, your towing setup can range from something as basic as a trailer hitch and the necessary electrical wiring for operating trailer lights to a comprehensive package that offers several enhancements for the towing vehicle itself.

The centerpiece of any towing package is typically the tow hitch itself, serving as the fundamental component. The quality of the tow hitch hardware directly influences the overall towing capacity of your setup. Furthermore, the type of mounting hardware included can dictate the compatibility of trailer couplers you can use.

Typically, the tow hitch attaches directly to the vehicle frame. Depending on the tow mount included in your package, you might have a simple ball hitch or a receiver hitch capable of accommodating various types of mounts.

Receiver hitches provide a robust square tube, the receiver part, which can accept tow ball mounts, pintle hooks, weight distribution hitches, and various receiver attachments compatible with your hitch setup.

When planning to tow a trailer, it's crucial to have a means of connecting its lighting system to that of the towing vehicle. A comprehensive towing package should include the necessary electrical connections to facilitate the setup of all required wiring. Typically, these electrical components terminate in a standard connector, conveniently located near the hitch receiver, allowing you to connect it to your trailer's wiring.

Connecting your trailer's wiring to these connectors enables you to activate the brake lights, turn signals, reversing lights, and license plate lights on your trailer, as mandated by legal requirements. A worthwhile tow package should include a robust wiring setup to ensure compliance with these regulations.

In some premium tow kits, you may also find heavy-duty wiring designed to power the trailer's braking system. These additional braking systems can significantly enhance the stability of your towing setup during deceleration, reducing stress on the entire system.

What is included in tow package?

Typical components included in a complete heavy-duty towing package are a second gearbox cooler and tough rear shock absorbers or springs. The braking system may also be improved as part of these kits, which frequently come with bigger drum brakes. The original tow kit in some cases may even come with an extra spare tyre from the dealership.

What is a Tow Package?

Adding a trailer hitch to your car expands your towing options. Explore the foundations of your trailer hitch, and visit uhaulhitches.com for more information on the installation procedure....

What does it mean when a car has a tow package?

This includes having a hitch platform, a wiring harness specifically for trailer towing, adequate engine cooling, efficient gearbox cooling and a sturdy frame made for hitch installation.

What is the difference between tow hitch and tow package?

Tow hitches often feature a 7-pin or 4-pin connector built in for electrical connections, in addition to the hitch itself. A tow package's breakdown, on the other hand, may differ between manufacturers and may comprise many package levels. Typically, it comprises improvements such as a larger alternator, an upgraded gearbox, a larger radiator, a larger gas tank, and other equivalent enhancements.

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