6 Best Electric Cars For Towing

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There are an ever growing number of electric tow cars available, but which are the best for towing? There are a number of car makes and models that have a trailer hitch and as an optional extra. Electric cars are becoming more and more popular so we've rated and reviewed the best electric cars for towing a caravan or trailer. The table below shows 6 of the best electric towing cars currently available along with their maximum towing capacity

Car Make & Model Cost Of Towbar Towing Capacity
Audi e-tron £670 1.800 kg
Jaguar I-Pace £1700 750 kg
Mercedes EQC £960 1.800 kg
Polestar 2 £930 1.500 kg
Tesla Model X £0 2.250 kg
Tesla Model 3 £900 910 kg

Using Electric Cars For Towing

Due to their performance and weight, electric cars are ideal as towing vehicles and can tow both trailers and caravans. Heavy trailers reduce the range of an electric car which is one of the reasons many manufacturers don't equipping their e-cars with a tow ball or trailer hitch.

In order to increase the range of electric cars with trailers, a start-up has developed a battery trailer which should enable e-cars to cover longer distances from 2022 onwards.

More About Electric Tow Cars

Electric cars are simpler and more compact than diesel or petrol engines. The heart is the electric motor. It converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. The most important component besides the electric motor is the lithium-ion battery. The capacity of the energy storage system determines the range of an electric car. Because electric vehicles have fewer wearing parts, maintenance and repairs are less frequent with electric vehicles than with combustion engines. In addition, electric vehicles are cheaper to maintain. Fully electric vehicles are almost emission-free when they are in operation.

Compared to diesel and gasoline engines, the construction of an electric car is less complex. In addition to the lithium-ion battery her heart is the electric motor. This electromechanical converter "translated" electrical energy from the battery into kinetic energy - and thus drives the car. Unlike combustion engines with automatic or manual transmissions, electric cars generally do not have a conventional transmission. The reason: electric motors develop a high torque in all driving situations - with up to 20,000 revolutions per minute, about three times that of an internal combustion engine.

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