Skoda Enyaq iV Towing Capacity & Weight Limit

The Škoda Enyaq was unveiled in September 2020 and production of the electric SUV started at the end of 2020. Skoda's first all-electric car was the small Citigo iV. However, it is still based on a platform originally developed for internal combustion engines. This is different with the new Skoda Enyaq iV. It was developed from the ground up as a purely electric car in order to make the best possible use of the space and latest technology. The battery is completely housed in the vehicle floor, which does not restrict the trunk; You can even order a spare wheel from the accessories, which can be placed under the trunk floor.

Driving the Enyaq is fun and, above all, relaxed. Because the drive offers a high level of comfort, it does not act particularly energetically for the size it. The performance data exceeds expectations, which are quickly slowed down by a curb weight of just under 2.2 tonnes. The high weight results from the large battery, which in turn should ensure sufficient towing range.

The Skoda Enyaq towing capacity is good for an electric car, the smallest variant can pull Unbraked: 750 kg / braked: 1000 kg

While the higher variants, especially with all-wheel drive, can tow up to 1200 kg caravan or trailer, which would mean a good value for an electric vehicle. The information relates to a gradient of up to 12%.

If you are looking for the towing capacity for a Skoda Enyaq car then we're here to help. The towing capacity is a term used to describe the maximum weight of a trailer a Skoda Enyaq car can tow. There may be certain models of Skoda Enyaq car that cannot be used to tow a trailer. These will be highlighted with 'N KG' in the below list of Skoda Enyaq towing weights.

For those models of Skoda Enyaq where towing is allowed, we have detailed the Skoda Enyaq towing capacity for a braked trailer (this is when the trailer being towed has its own breaking system). To ensure you are both safe and legal it is really important that you check the Skoda Enyaq towing weight limit for the car.

As well as providing the braked towing capacity for your Skoda Enyaq, where data is available we also have also listed the Skoda Enyaq's unbraked towing capacity.

Here is a full list of the Unbraked and Braked Towing Capacity for the Skoda Enyaq. If you cannot find the Skoda Enyaq you are looking for please drop us a email and we will add this to the list.

Car Make & ModelMax Towing Weight - UnbrakedMax Towing Capacity - Braked
2022 Skoda Enyaq RWD Enyaq 60 iV750kg1000kg
2022 Skoda Enyaq IV VRS750kg1200kg
2022 Skoda Enyaq iV AWD 80750kg1200kg
2022 Skoda Enyaq iV RWD Enyaq 80750kg1000kg
2022 Skoda Enyaq RS iV750kg1200kg
2022 Skoda Enyaq 50X750kgN/A
2022 Skoda Enyaq RWD Enyaq 80x iV750kg1000kg
2021 Skoda Enyaq IV VRS750kg1200kg
2021 Skoda Enyaq RWD Enyaq 60 iV750kg1000kg
2021 Skoda Enyaq AWD 80 iV750kg1200kg
2021 Skoda Enyaq RWD Enyaq 80 iV750kg1000kg
2021 Skoda Enyaq RS iV750kg1200kg
2021 Skoda Enyaq 50X750kgN/A
2021 Skoda Enyaq RWD Enyaq 80x iV750kg1000kg
2020 Skoda Enyaq RWD Enyaq 60 iV750kg1000kg
2020 Skoda Enyaq AWD 80 iV750kg1200kg
2020 Skoda Enyaq RWD Enyaq 80 iV750kg1000kg
2020 Skoda Enyaq RS iV750kg1200kg
2020 Skoda Enyaq 50X750kgN/A
2020 Skoda Enyaq RWD Enyaq 80x iV-1000kg
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